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“The Catalyst team delivered exceptional care, discreetly and professionally while seamlessly working with my doctor to implement a care plan “

Skilled Medical

Nurse Practitioners

Registered Nurses

Physicians Assistants




Allied Health

Physical Therapy

Sports Physiology




Mental Health

Occupational Health

Diagnostics and Referrals

Medical Diagnostic Imaging, MRI, CT, X Ray, Ultrasound scheduled rapidly at our partner facilities.

Diagnostic and Recurring Labs can be expedited at our partner facilities or taken at home by one of our skilled team members

Referrals to Global specialists as required, and in consultation with your existing Primary Care team

Our Program


We deliver an OPTIMAL package that includes 24/7 Remote Patient monitoring, on demand virtual consultations and 4 Hours of guaranteed nursing or Allied health services per month. Guaranteed next day service. Can be used for extended family.

$1500 / month secures the service for you and your family, AND any further nursing or Allied Health services are delivered at member rates

Additional units of care can be scheduled anytime at a member rate of $300/hr

ON Demand
– scheduled with our practitioners as soon as possible or into the future

Practitioner services can be pre purchased in units. Units are interchangeable across ANY of our practitioner services, and you can carry forward any unused units from the previous month

Practitioner units can be purchased as follows:

1- 10 Units $425/unit

11-20 Units $400/unit

20+ Units $350/unit

A la Carte

Skilled Nursing – $300/hr

Allied Health – $200 -$300/hr

Nurse Consult(Virtual) – $150/15 minutes

Medical Exams (In home) $1250

Medical Second Opinion $2500

A 1/2 Unit travel fee will be attributed to each practitioner visit under the OPTIMAL and On Demand Offering, or $150/ visit per practitioner under the A La Carte services for visits 1 unit/hour or less.

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