About Catalyst Health…

Optimal Health at Every Stage of Life

Catalyst Health was started to provide an exceptional healthcare experience in the comfort of your own home. We designed the offering to work with and support your existing Primary Care team or Concierge Doctor.

We deliver care in whatever manner suits you best, with a quality you have come to expect in every other aspect of your life.

Leveraging technology when and where it makes sense, we have created a simple offering to ensure your most valuable asset is managed the way you manage other critical aspects of your family.

We attract and retain the best practitioners by paying them fairly for their experience, skill and professionalism. The role is a great alternative or addition to a hectic hospital position, and allows the practitioners to create a lifestyle and work environment that supports them and their families.

We bring together the best practitioners to support the families existing care provider in a relaxed, professional and discreet manner.

We look forward to designing a program for you

Peter Kendall

Founder and CEO